Sunday, October 03, 2004

Palestinian Apathy

This was supposed to be a post in alignment with Hugh Hewitt's symposium. But it's not going to be. Plenty of good stuff over there if that's what you're looking for. Things are going to get ugly here, so think about it before proceding.

I'm serious. Think about it. High minded policy stuff at Hugh's symposium above. Good stuff. Original, insightful, raw commentary. You ought to consider going there. Because what follows here is not going to be pretty.

I mean it.


If that word didn't send you fleeing after the warnings preceding, it's your own fault from here forward.

Came across this article tonight:

Palestinians decry world 'apathy'

And should the body of the article prove emotionally neutral, the following image always comes to mind whenever Palestine is mentioned since a certain day in September of 2001:

That, for those who don't recall, is a scene of celebrating Palestinians passing out sweets in public glee about this:

Apathy?!! You should be so freakin' lucky!! How about a little contempt?!

Every delight you took in relishing the death of the innocents from 9-11 deserves to be paid back in your tears.

And yet... damnit... I still cannot bring myself to wish that fate upon you. I honestly feel you have earned it. But I want you, and especially your children, to live and thrive and learn to find this:

as alien a reaction to 9-11 as I do. I don't WANT you to get what I truly feel you deserve. I'm still concerned enough to fight against it when others bring it up. But how hard and for how long will I continue to fight?

What was the reaction in Palestine when the children of Breslan were slaughtered? Until I have reason to believe otherwise, I'll tend to assume this was it:

Let that perverse celebration become your epitaph unless YOU choose to correct it, Palestine.

You have a LONG way to go until I'm willing to be lectured about your concerns about "apathy" for YOUR misfortune.


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