Tuesday, October 26, 2004

More Weird Voter Registration News

I honestly don't know what to make of this one.

This morning Saint Paul Pioneer Press reporter Patrick Sweeney is reporting (annoying registration required):

The rolls of Minnesota's registered voters have grown by about 100,000 people this year and by about 174,000 people since the last presidential election four years ago, according to new voter-eligibility totals released Monday.
So far so good. Lots of new voter registration effort from both the DFL and Republicans this year. Nothing terribly unusual about this. Until we get to this:

But the increase, which is smaller than the Census Bureau's estimate of growth in the state's voting-age population, cannot explain why Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer gave out more than 1.5 million voter registration cards this year [emphasis mine - ed.].


"It seems low compared to how many cards have been picked up from my office," said Kiffmeyer, who early this month said she had to order new cards printed after the first 1.5 million had been exhausted.

Kiffmeyer said she could not explain what became of all the unused cards.

So the Secretary of State had 1.5 million registration cards available. And every single one of them was picked up. She had to print even more.

I'm no mathmetician. But even I can figure out that that leaves over 1.3 million registration cards floating around ... where exactly? We're not THAT big a state. That's a huge number compared to our population. It's in the ballpark of 40% of the registered voter roll.

No finger pointing from either side of the partisan divide in the article either. Is this worth looking into?


Blogger Margaret said...

I can tell you where two of them went, in the trash at our house. They were mailed to us and since David was already registered, his was junk mail and I had already decided to register same day to avoid some snafu with the registration not being processed in time. I can't tell you if they were addressed to resident or to us personally but you would think that they would have cross referenced any general list with a list of already registered voters. I think the registrations probably went to waste that way and also, the civic minded took a bunch and left them places, where they languished until they were tossed.

8:02 AM  

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