Friday, October 29, 2004

Minnesota Voter Fraud Redux

Long-time readers will recall I've been worried about voter fraud in Minnesota for some time. Now (finally) Powerline has discovered it.

I'm a little peeved at my fellow Minnesota bloggers, especially the biggies, who trumpeted a warning about impending voter fraud in places like Wisconsin and Colorado weeks ago, but didn't see this one coming.

It's not only the desperation of this particular election. It's the registration system itself. My job is designing systems. I know how to see an error-prone element of the design a mile away. And Minnesota's "vouch for someone else" registration is so error-prone it ought to be laughed out of law.

But that's not how it works. So after this election, fellow bloggers, we need to make a change in Minnesota law. No more "vouching" for registered voters. Any REAL valid voter will posess one of the other acceptable forms of validation.

No time for that now, but keep it in mind. I'm going to be pounding this drum after the election. And if our state's idiotic registration system has pulled a "Broward County" between now and then, you'll be begging for it. If not (and I hope we'll be in this scenario), be thankful and just support revising the law because it's common sense.


Blogger R-Five said...

Not much will happen until some of these cheaters start going to jail. I doubt even Pawlenty or Bush have the stomach for that.

12:48 AM  

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