Friday, October 22, 2004

“Michael Moore Hates America” Released in the Twin Cities

Michael Wilson's documentary “Michael Moore Hates America” is being released in six Twin City area theaters this weekend. The film apparently still has no distributor, so I guess Wilson negotiated the release himself.

The big surprise to me was the Star Tribune film review (annoying registration required). A couple of excerpts here:

"Wilson makes it clear that he doesn't share Moore's political beliefs, but the film isn't about ideology as much as accountability. The theme is: How does he get away with it?"

"One of the film's most telling moments is unplanned. Wilson returns to the bank featured in 'Bowling for Columbine' for giving shotguns to customers who open accounts. The bank employees say that Moore misrepresented himself, claiming that his movie was about small businesses with innovative marketing techniques.

That segment is juxtaposed with one in which Wilson finds himself in hostile territory: Moore's hometown of Davison, Mich., a suburb of Flint. He tells the mayor he's making a movie about the town and, after an extensive fake interview, asks if anyone famous comes from there. When Moore's name comes up, Wilson feigns surprise and starts asking about him.

Later, he's wracked by guilt. He finally contacts the mayor, admits the deception and apologizes. One gets the feeling that had he not confessed, Wilson would have ended up hating himself, which goes a long ways toward explaining his film's title."

Ouch. That's a pretty damning contrast between the two Mikes. Only one displays a conscience.

Star-Trib reviewer's final verdict? 3 out of 4 stars.

I hope I'm able to sneak away for a couple of hours this weekend to catch it.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

You're going to love it. Really bad video, though, I have to warn you. But, it gives it character and you'll come to love Michael Wilson like a cuddly teddy bear. He has a soul, unlike Michael Moore who sold his to the devil many years ago when he became everything he hates about America and free enterprise.

7:14 PM  

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