Thursday, October 07, 2004

Live Blogging Tomorrow's Debate

Thanks to the friendly Strom family, I'll be live-blogging tomorrow night's debate from the comforts of the undisclosed location (that didn't just disclose it did it?).

For the record, I have no idea why we're calling this the undisclosed location. Did it start as a Cheney-oriented inside joke, and took on a life of its own? But darned if I'm going to screw up my invite by defying common etiquette. So "undisclosed location" it is.

I've never live-blogged before. Should be quite the experience. I have no idea who (other than the Stroms) are planning on attending. But I'm pretty amiable, so whoever shows up will be fun for me. I just hope the Stroms don't charge as much per drink as Keegan's (kidding!).

I suppose this is as good a time as any for my pre-debate prediction. Here it is:

Bush says: Kerry is a Massachusetts liberal. Tax and spend. Tax and spend. Global Test. Tax and spend.

Kerry says: I'm the real conservative in this race. The economy is terrible. I'll bring hope. Soak the rich. Iraq is 'Nam.

The press is confused and calls it a draw. Much comment on how different this debate was from the previous one.

Andrew Sullivan
declares Kerry the president-elect, and Hugh Hewitt predicts a 50 state blow-out for Bush.


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