Monday, October 18, 2004

Lefty Blog Listing Quandry

Darn. I was worried this sort of thing might happen.

Flash from Centrisity linked my blog (as a "righty-tighty" - no argument here). Which is very kind and cool and all that. His traffic is a whole different crowd than most of the others that link me, and that's a good thing in my opinion.

Plus, I've met Flash in person, and he's really a nice fellow. We had drinks and did the Keegan's trivia thing on the same team. And I got to watch him argue with Pinkmonkeybird (also on the same team) about politics, in that heated yet civil kind of manner we need more of, especially in an era where demonizing your political opponent is the rule.

Word to the right - Flash is committed to his political point of view, and his political Party. He's a good guy to engage in debate, provided you enjoy a sort of Bill Buckley debating Gore Vidal thing. In other words, a smart opponent from the other side who is willing to engage in civil discourse, but isn't really looking to be converted. He's a smart guy who not only respects those other side - he regularly parties with them; which is a bit more masochistic than I could take, but I can respect it from a distance.

But now to the quandry.... what the heck is my motivation for linking anyone?

For the record, Flash has a good blog, which I've noted in passing previously. But its perspective is leftist, which is really not what I'm about here, so I've avoided linking him as well as some others.

On the other hand (as you'll see more clearly once the election passes) this is not an exclusively politics-themed blog. I write about wine, and theatre, and my job, and family, and all sorts of things. Politics is only one topic I cover here. And even on the political level, I have already cherry picked a few blogs of contrasting political perspectives (rphaedrus, and Tutukai among the locals; The Moderate Voice among the biggies) because I don't care to live in an echo chamber.

Bah. There is no easy answer coming out of this.

Short answer, I'm blogrolling Flash's Centrisity site. All the good stuff I said about him above is true. Good enough for me (and to be honest, a hardcore leftist who truly does party with hardcore righties... on purpose... regularly is damn compelling).

Long term answer... I need to think about my blogroll strategy, including my categories. I also need to get off my rear-end and develop my own darned template, and quit mooching off my Blogger "beginner" selection.


Blogger Flash said...

Thanks Doug!

I simply needed balance, and after reading your rather objective live blog of the 3rd debate, I figured what the Hell.

Plus, your a Drum Corps fan *grin*


6:57 AM  
Blogger Army of Mom said...

You can always list them as "blogs of interest" or something like that. I used to have a few that I read occasionally, but they got me so riled up that I just stopped and took them off. I don't have enough hours in the day to waste brain cells reading stuff that is equivalent to listening to Barney tapes over and over. I need all the brain cells I can muster.

Especially now when I'm sick. *cough sniffle*

9:03 PM  

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