Monday, October 11, 2004

Late Night Food Vices

I have a confession to make. I am a late-night snacker.

This is not a guilty thing for me because it's unhealthy, or because of the effect on my waistline. God no. It's guilty for me because something about late night snacking forces me into some of the junkiest of junk foods with wild abandon.

Case in point: the current late-night snack obsession for me is the following: I take a bag of bite-sized, white corn Tostito's and lay them out neatly on a cookie sheet, with no overlapping. Then I add one sliced jalapeno onto each chip - it takes about half a jar of sliced jalapenos to complete the tray. Next I sprinkle shredded Kraft cheddar cheese evenly over the chips. A few minutes under thr broiler and - voila! C'est manifique! Typical beverage to accompany - bottom-rail bourbon on the rocks.

I'm not proud of the above. I didn't offer that as a recipe, but as a confession. I like to think of myself as a real foodie - which is something like a gourmet, but with a sports-fan attitude. I struggle over how to properly pair prociutto-wrapped, grilled white asparagus with the proper wine. I engage in long discussions with my wife over which local chef is currently dazzling us the most (last I checked it was Kevin Cullen, but we don't get out as much as we used to). I know the subtle difference in flavor between arugula, watercress, and nasturtium leaves. I'm the one who suggested golden chantrelle mushrooms as the proper replacement for portabellas when we dressed up our favorite Beef Wellington recipe by topping the beef filet with fois gras, damnit (it came together perfectly by the way)!

So anyway... misery loves company. Anyone else care to step forward and confess for the blog-world? No need to be proud. What's your late-night snack of choice?


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