Saturday, October 16, 2004

Integrity! Always, Integrity!

When he heard John Kerry in the last debate tell the nation:

And she looked at me from her hospital bed and she just looked at me and she said, "Remember, integrity, integrity, integrity." Those are the three words that she left me.

Saint Paul (the one from Fraters Libertas, not the one from the Bible) was reminded of a scene with Marty Feldman playing Igor in the movie "Young Frankenstein." (One of my favorite movies of all time incidentally.)

I was also reminded of a movie scene when I heard the comment. The scene I remembered is from Singin' in the Rain. The opening scene in fact.

Gene Kelly, playing silent film star Don Lockwood, is attending a big Hollywood gala. As he is interviewed by a Hollywood gossip columnist, he tells her the guiding principal of his acting career has always been "Dignity! Always dignity!"

We cut away from this to see the true background of Don Lockwood's career.... a career which began with him dancing for pennies as a kid, and taking any lowly entertainment job available every chance he got until, by random chance, he got picked for a lead role. His real career had been built on the exact opposite of "Dignity. Always dignity."

That is exactly what I was reminded of when John Kerry very somberly uttered, the words: "integrity, integrity, integrity." The same feeling of a public figure feeding us something that sounds noble, because the truth is base, unflattering, and ironically the opposite of the statement itself.

Gene Kelly's portrayal of a preening public image fits with Kerry very well too. Except Gene Kelly is actually likable.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

My thought was that his mom knew he was a weasel and was just telling him if he was going to follow through with his threat, er, goal ... that he needed to generate some integrity. She was probably hoping he'd grant a dying woman's wish - to have integrity.

Poor old gal. I hope she isn't turning over in her grave.

9:13 PM  

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