Friday, October 22, 2004

Heroes Can Cost You Money

Second plug of the day for N. Z. Bear’s “Heroes for Bush” blogburst. But for a very different reason. This one is a warning.

Reading the entry: The Tick, from What is Flig, I remembered how d*mned funny the Tick series was. I'm talking about the animated one. Don't get me started on the missed opportunity that was the live-action series.

For those who don't know, it was an over-the-top spoof on the Superhero genre. Sort of like the Adam West Batman series, but with Simpson-like levels of humor and social commentary interlaced. But the core was constant parody of popular heroes, villains, and themes from the comics.

If you were never a geek, most of it probably comes across as just strange. But I've kept up on my "geek" card membership, earned in spades during junior-high and high school by, among other things, collecting comic books. So I get pretty much every comic-book inside joke offered in the Tick. It's a genre that one can't help but look back on and find silly. And with the Tick, that makes it seem even more worthwhile.

So, anyway... I wandered out to eBay tonight and entered into a competitive bid to win the complete set of the Tick episodes on DVD. Cost a bit more than I had originally planned. But someone should warn people that their spoofing of Republicans as heartless money-bags has a kernel of truth. I crushed the competition with my deep pockets.

And this was in pursuit of the hero from my third place choice from the blogburst. I haven't even started checking eBay for John Wayne DVD's! So fair warning before you click those links!


Blogger TFB said...

First we agreed on Iron Chef and now I find that we both loved the Tick! Spoon!
I loved the cartoon so much that a few years ago I was geeky enough to buy a Tick member kit at a local comic book shop.
Yes, I am a member of the Tick alliance.
Some days, my geekiness astounds me.

11:31 AM  

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