Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

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Halloween, or politics? Halloween, or politics? What an odd couple these topics make. Why did they have to place Election Day so close to this silly little kid's Holiday? Fie on politics today. Halloween wins out.

Today we haven't really focused on politics at all at my house. This morning the eldest child and I scooped out the innards of a pumpkin, while holding a fascinating conversation about how we could roast the seeds later. The boy insisted that we could use the "goopy stuff" to make pumpkin jelly. I countered with the parts that were used to make pumpkin pie; a topic he turned out to be surprisingly well versed in, carrying on for a good ten minutes about all the different kinds of pumpkin pie, and who liked them, and how he liked a few pumpkin seeds in his, but most people don't, etc., etc.

I made him hold off on carving the face in the pumpkin until mommy got home. She had to take the 2 year old for a haircut this morning. Her second in two days, if you count the one she gave herself last night. Anyway, the resulting Jack-o-lantern is posted for your viewing pleasure above. Save for the two teeth, which the wife suggested, the rest of the design is our son's. Nicely traditional and symetrical. I think we're raising a Classicist. The next Victor David Hanson, perhaps?

The less said about the Vikings pathetic performance the better. More Halloween confusion I'd imagine. They decided to disguise themselves as a pre-season team. Poor choice.

In a short while the kids will be dressed in their costumes and the annual ritual of shaking down the neighbors for sugar will commence. It will be my duty to attempt to snap the magical picture in which all three look at the camera with a cute expression at the same time. Thank God for digital cameras. The cost of developing film from that kind of exercise can be daunting.


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Why is it not carved with a Vote Bush slogan? Just kidding. I hope your little ones have a great Halloween!

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