Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween Post-Mortem

Not bad. Not bad at all.

The kids were wired to the point they were driving the wife crazy for a couple of hours before trick-or-treating began. But I thought it was cute. I'm more into the little holiday stuff than she is. At least the parts that involve children. I was raised in a family that made a big deal out of every holiday for the kids. Just feels incomplete to me for a big holiday to pass without kids running around freaked out with adrenaline in anticipation.

And we definitely had that tonight. Plus sugar.

It was a bit chilly, so the wife carried the 6 month old to the immediate neighbors only, and then took her home to help with candy detail, while I took the other two around for some serious trick-or-treating.

As a reminder, my son dressed as the Cat in the Hat, and his sisters were Thing 1, and Thing 2. This was the general concept:

The execution was pretty darn cute. But Dr. Seuss, poetic genius though he was, failed to anticipate the laws of physics when he drew that darn hat. My son spent most of the night holding the hat in place, which made it very difficult to hold out his trick-or-treat bag. Thing 1 had a much easier time, though she had a bit of a struggle ignoring all those fascinating leaves on the ground when marching from house to house.

After perhaps 20 houses, the Cat called it quits, and we marched home.

Long story short, sugar buzz met exhaustion. And that required some parental intervention. But we got them settled down and both went out like a light the moment the lights went out. Thing 1 called it her favorite day ever.

The baby, who normally nurses to sleep after they go to bed, could hardly wait and went without a struggle as well.

Even the neighborhood kids seemed cheerful and well behaved this year. Normally we get the initial wave of young kids escorted by parents, and later in the evening the teenaged crowd straggles in with a pillowcase to hold the candy, no costumes, and surley demeanors. We still got the teens this year, but every one was in costume - including some quite good costumes. And every one said, "Thank you," in a way that didn't sound like a sneer.

So tomorrow it's back to the grind at work, and into the buzzsaw of the final day of campaigning before the polls open. But for tonight, just Happy Halloween memories.


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