Tuesday, October 26, 2004


It's going to be one nasty week for all sorts of reasons.

Election? You think I'm worried about the election? I should be so lucky.

Walking through my house this morning preparing for work sounded like walking through a TB ward. All three kids have nasty sounding phlegmy coughs. The 6 month old is the one we're most concerned about. She's been on two separate kinds of antibiotics in succession. But now that the second is finished, her cough has returned, along with the signs of at least one ear infection (she had two the last time at the doctor, which is why she was on anti-biotics in the first place).

On top of that the 2 year old has hit upon that perfect combination of stealth and destruction. We're cleaning up the domestic equivalent of an Exon Valdez multiple times per day: mommy's makeup, the garbage near the baby's changing table, permanent markers on furniture and walls, scissors to the leather furniture, and on, and on, and on. And of course, she's the healthiest of the bunch, so she has the most energy to put into this hobby.

And due to all the illnesses, the four year old has been pent up in the house for days, kept away from sitters and playdates, which typically means he'll start acting out at the least opportune times. But he's number two on the sick list, so hopefully that will tire him out into some sort of stationary mode more than usual.

The wife and I are obviously also getting hit with the same cold to varying degrees. Plus the sleep deprivation of getting up with sick kids all night.

And just as my project at work is finally nearing completion, I suddenly discover my next assignment(s) want me to start immediately, which would require me to literally be three places at the same time.

In other cheery news, Mary's cat died (sympathies through my grumbling to you Mary).

So anyway, posting will either be lighter or angrier than usual. Perhaps a mixture of the two.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

I'm sorry to hear that Typhoid Mary has visited your house. We have had the poops and the pukes going on here, but thankfully *knocking on wood* my baby (2-year-old girl) has missed out on all the fun, although she thought it was interesting to see all the puking.

I hope you guys are back in good health sooner rather than later.

4:26 PM  

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