Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fun Times

D*mn! That was fun!

I spent the evening with Pinkmonkeybird and a Republican Party official who prefers to remain nameless. The purpose was to get some insight into the nuts and bolts of how this campaign is working, including how it is different from the one in 2000. I got all that and more. Much of the "more" stuff was off the record.

Short message: Be optimistic about Bush carrying Minnesota. The strategy is sound, and the party organization is exceding their expecations. Lots of optimism in Republican circles as election day draws near.

Longer message: Will have to wait. I have over an hour and a half of recorded interview material to condense down into a coherent article. As I said, some of it is off-record. So this will not be just a transcript of the interview. I'm going to have to attempt some *gulp* journalism. My plan is to have an article about it up sometime this weekend.

Special thanks to Pinkmonkeybird once more for arranging the interview.


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