Friday, October 22, 2004

Friday Fare


I have three different articles intended for the blog which have been started but not completed. Just hanging there stuck in mid-blog. Is it a case of blogger’s-block?

Not really. I think it’s a combination of things. One of them is probably political exhaustion. Not the kind you might think. I enjoy politics, and this election remains interesting. But I am not a political animal to the extent my posts have been weighted lately. I’ve been forcing myself to blog about more politics than I normally would in the hopes of doing whatever small part I could to assist the election effort.

I think I need a political battery re-charge. I be wrtiting up the article from my interview later this weekend. That's plenty of politics by itself. So today will be lighter fare.

Here is my only political entry for the day: Links to my favorite entries to N. Z. Bear’s “Heroes for Bush” blogburst.

The blogburst is still underway, but here’s the leader-board as I rate it currently.

1st place: John Wayne is Davy Crockett, from John Kerry Question Fairy (Almost as inspiring as hearing it from the Duke himself)

2nd place: Gilbert and Sullivan, from An Elephant in my Pajamas (two-for-one! This was also an entry to Hugh Hewitt’s latest symposium)

3rd place: The Tick, from What is Flig? (If you have never seen or heard of the Tick, this is still funny. If you’re a Tick fan - and I'm definitely guilty of that - it’s hysterical.)

Lots of other good ones out there, but I'm calling 'em the way I see 'em.


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