Thursday, October 07, 2004

Fisking Howard Dean

Apparently former center-left Vermont governor, former 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, and current Moonbat DNC gadfly, Howard Dean, has sent out an e-mail trying to scare up support for Kerry over that mythical draft again.

Katie from the Resplendent Mango takes it apart nicely. Here's my favorite part:

"George Bush chose to go to war without substantial help from our allies. He has badly over-committed our armed forces. One of the Joint Chiefs and his own administrator in Iraq have both said that we will need tens of thousands more troops to stabilize Iraq. Extreme measures are already being taken to meet the shortfall -- and the president has an obligation to explain how he will meet our commitments without drafting young people into service."

"Once again, George Bush chose to go to war without substantial help from our allies because our allies are not in a position to be substantially helpful. He thought we needed to go anyway for good reasons. I don't see why their lack of preparation is his fault. This paragraph is kinda like saying, "George Bush is running low on flour to make a cake and he is obligated to explain that he will not use puppies to fill in the difference."

Of course the obligatory "Heh," and also "Read the whole thing," apply.


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