Thursday, October 07, 2004

Finally.... Something About the Anti-Republican Violence the Left Can Condemn

Powerline reports tonight that 50 members of Congress have asked the Justice Department to investigate a series of attacks on local Republican Party headquarters across the country yesterday. You can read the full letter from the Congress-critters at Powerline.

I wondered earlier today why the left was so silent about the climate of fear produced by the use of violence to stifle opposing political views, since that has ostensibly been one of their main concerns since Bush took office. But now they finally have something to get really upset about. John Ashcroft will now be looking into coordinated union thuggery, which they will see as a violation of the First Amendment and a warning sign of the impending facism to come.

I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. Sorry sane lefties. Ashcroft looking into possible criminal charges against union members at a political protest - like even you don't break out in a reflexive sweat over that thought. This one is sure to get BIG play among your moonbat wing. And that wing isn't so marginal anymore.

Union thugs coordinating a nation-wide attack on RNC headquarters apparently isn't worth mention (let alone condemnation) among the left. But the investigation into it will provoke huge anti-Bush headlines. That's my prediction. PLEASE prove me wrong.


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