Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Evening News

It’s been a very busy day. Not only have I not been able to blog myself, I’ve barely been able to read any blogs. I come from a family that used to get a morning and afternoon newspaper (and continued getting them when they both switched to both coming in the morning), and I read them both. I’m starving for news here.

In an homage to the now-mostly-dead evening newspaper genre, I will attempt to fill in the rest of you on this afternoon’s roundup of the blogosphere. At least the portion of it on my blogroll.

Lileks’ Bleat was the only one I read this morning, and you probably did too. So no need to fill you in about that.

Let’s see what Mitch is up to:

Whoops. Plumbing problems at Chez Berg. Looks like it kept him home most of the morning too. Having experienced a couple of those, I’ll not even try to have fun with this at his expense. And with raw sewage as a metaphor in a political season, that takes some restraint.

Over to Jo’s Attic

Hmm… Jo is calling a post by the Elder at Fraters Libertas the post of the day. Fair enough. Over to Fraters I go…

It’s a piece about media bias, titled Starve the Beast. Works in a “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” joke in the first paragraph. The dude knows how to hook me. And it is one heck of a good piece. But I cannot follow his advice. Because I dropped my newspaper subscriptions, and stopped watching the network news years ago. I’m a news consumer of the new age, baby! “Push” media is old-hat. “Pull” news is where it’s at!

Seriously, with very, very few exceptions, there isn’t a thing I miss about the newspapers that hasn’t been made up for by the extras available on the Internet. Sure, I read the newspapers – at least whatever free content they put online. They’re just blogs with hoity-toity attitudes and fear of comments sections to me.

I used to subscribe to a ton of magazines too. Now I’m down to National Review and Sports Illustrated (the latter of which I only get because I’m on a free six months of it via a Best Buy promotion).

I can’t claim media bias was my sole motivation (though it definitely played a factor – especially my cancellation of the Star Tribune). It’s just that the idea of buying all those dead trees, or sitting through all that dead-air seemed… I dunno… a waste.

I know the big media like to characterize the blogosphere as a vast wasteland of insipid dorkdom. And there certainly is plenty of that out there. But what they seem to miss is that, being a “pull” medium, I only read what I want to read. It’s not some package deal where I “subscribe” to the blogosphere. I read only the blogs I choose to read, and they’re “cancelled” the moment I stop reading them. It’s a better model in my opinion.

Plus, as the Elder says, the old media sucks (only he says it better).

Pinkmonkeybird is talking about the Elder’s article too. And he’s got a couple of nice pieces about the Bush campaign as well; warning us to report suspicious activity at the polling place, along with a message from Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman (Scott is getting so deep into the campaign, for all I know Mehlman delivered the message to him personally); and bucking up our spirits with a quote from Victor David Hanson.

Our House looks like they had a busy day too. No updates since yesterday. But I missed them yesterday, so I’m diving in. David makes a scatological joke, and talks about hobbits (and for the record David, there’s plenty of room for both you AND James to be hobbits. You’re a Brandybuck, and he’s a Took. And I'm a geek who found that joke funny.). He also has an insightful piece about the contemptible mayor of Saint Cloud, and a media organ that deserves the “Starve the Beast” treatment the Elder called for. Plus, if you didn’t read it yet, Margaret’s piece from Tuesday about Dick Morris is a good read too.

Chumley at Plastic Hallway mocks a very mock-worthy poll from Saint Cloud State, conducted by three Saint Cloud State poli-sci profs. King Banyan from SCSU Scholars helps sort it out. Chumley also talks about a more believable poll. Lots more from Chumley today too. He was a real posting demon!

I cannot explain why I like Cathy in the Wright's post today. But I do.

Seriously politically incorrect material from Steve at Helloooo, Chapter Two! He' s only the linker, but d*mn! Keep it coming though. We're called right-wing nut-jobs no matter how much we avoid going there. Another plug for the Elder's piece today. I think a meme has been born. It has his father's eyes.

Mary at It's Noon Somewhere, seems to be recovering from mourning, and has her own very linky post, with a shocking and embarrassing confession buried about 2/3's in. I won't embarrass her further by citing it here. Remember, confession is good for the soul Mary (but also suitable for teasing).

Noodles from People's Republic of Minnesota missed the memo about the new meme, and links to Lileks and some obscure British blog called "The Times," which has a pretty cool editorial judging Bush by his enemies - a standard by which Bush emerges looking pretty darn good.

And Flash at Centrisity? Well his mom has apparently been named a Kerry elector by the DFL. Which I have to admit is pretty cool, even though I think she'll not get a chance to cast that ballot, since her candidate is going to lose. But Flash won't have any reason to be disappointed when Bush wins. I've offered to buy him a free beer to console him. He's the only guy in America in a total win/win situation no matter how the election turns out!

More blogs to check later. But I think I'm supposed to spend a few minutes with the kids before they go to bed - so my wife's menacing glare seems to imply (just kidding, love-of-my-life! But scrambling to comply all the same).


The little ones are safely and soundly tucked in their beds and sleeping peacefully. This is after learning to FEAR getting out of bed just one... more... time!!!! Dad had the early duty, and dad's a softy. But after the baby was asleep, they had to answer to mom. And that's really not a battle they like to fight. So... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz...

Army of Mom was offended that I didn't include her blog in my evening news roundup. And I apologize, because I really do read her blog daily. But it tends to be near the end of my daily list for the simple reason that it's in the bottom group on my blogroll (not counting the Blogs for Bush, which I do poke around in from time to time, but not daily). Yes, yes, I know I need to clean the blogroll up, re-categorize them all, separate the lambs from the sheep, de-link the seemingly dead, and get a freakin' hair-cut already!!! (sorry. that last one just slipped out.)

But in lieu of all that, Army of Mom is having surgery tomorrow (*gack* now I feel like a real cad for making her feel ignored beforehand). Cute picture of her two-year old in a Tigger costume too. Since I have a daughter the same age (who also had a costume party today, but dad was at work so I only heard about it), it's fun to compare. And a rare political post for Army of Mom taking a shot at Messiah Kerry. And her comments about the Bush twins chat are perhaps more civil than I would have been. Funnier too. But don't scroll down to her post about dying her hair. She grossed me out by talking about what grossed her out. And by the way, I've seen the pictures, and her previous hair color was just fine, so why bother to dye it ?! (Incidentally, this is a conversation I've had a zillion times with someone closer to home posessing an evil stare, so I'm clearly just not seeing something an extra X chromosome would make clear)

Since we're down in this part of the blogroll, might as well see what Rick at Stones Cry Out is up to.

He's uncharacteristically brief today. Feels like a jogging buddy slowing down so you can keep up even though you have a cold and he doesn't. Thanks Rick.

Rick is talking about Al QaQaa (briefly), basically casting his doubt on any Russian involvement moving weapons. He also talks about the latest video from Al Qaeda... somethingI still can't figure out why it's considered news. Don't we generally assume they want to kill us? Do we need a new tape saying exactly the same thing to call our attention to the fact? Ohhh... this time they said "pig-monkey sons-of whores" instead of "slimey infidel enemies of the Prophet!" Put up Drudge's siren!!! Eh. Rick has words on the topic too which are more thinky and less ranty.

Varifrank is guilty of building my hopes up. Therefore, being raised a properly pessimistic Midwesterner, I'm not talking about it. Look for yourself if you'd like, but I warned you.

Enough for tonight. I still missed a few, but I'll get to you another time.

Our prayers are with Army of Mom for her surgery tomorrow. We expect the surgery to go well. But recovery with young kids can be a challenge. Let us know if you need a gift basket of Scotch or something to see you through.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

I'm so hurt that my blog didn't make your list. I had links to the Bush girls' online chat tonight and a story about Kerry guaranteeing no more terrorist attacks if he's elected ... how could you not include me?

But, I'll take solace in the fact that you talked about Hobbits. Somehow, it is not a total loss.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

As Han Solo might say (you like the geek references? Oh I've GOT the geek references), it's not my fault! Blame the evil-wife-stare that interrupted me. That thing was NOTHING before we had kids. Since then I've seen her kill small animals with it, and stun full-grown supermarket clerks. Anyway. Kids are in bed now. I'll put you in the update. :-)

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually just tell my wife whatever she does with her hair fine by me (within reason-no short hair). She looks great no matter the color.

Army of Dad

7:46 AM  
Blogger Army of Mom said...

Ahhh, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I, too, have that stare.

As far as the hair color goes ... every once in a while, I have to do something, plus I didn't want to spend $55 to get it highlighted again when we have the holidays coming up. *shrug* I'll go back to normal eventually.


8:37 AM  
Blogger ricardo said...

"Blame the evil-wife-stare that interrupted me. That thing was NOTHING before we had kids. Since then I've seen her kill small animals with it, and stun full-grown supermarket clerks."

I love it! Are you living my life in Minne-so-cold?

2:58 PM  

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