Friday, October 29, 2004

An Early Halloween Treat

The cave monkey came out of hibernation and spoke today. Anyone especially scared of him anymore? Me neither. Let's talk about Halloween stuff instead.

Our four year old had a Halloween Party at pre-K this afternoon. He came home with the usual big bag of candy. Of course, we let him have some before dinner. That's what Halloween is all about - children on a constant sugar buzz. Mom cut him off after eating the candy skeleton. But dad whispered to him he could have one more piece after she left the room. He picked out a pixie stick. I leaned down to open it and whispered to him that those were one of my favorites when I was a little boy. He looked up at me and whispered back, "Me too. When I was two I liked these."

And so he did.

Here is a link to a Halloween post someone posted to Free Republic in 2001. I remember reading it back when first posted. Might be a few too many inside Freeper jokes for a general audience to get. But I still think it's pretty funny:

BREAKING!!! HYDROGEN GAS EXPLOSIONS OCCURRING ON MARS! [Following is a reprint of the original thread, exactly as it was posted on Free Republic on the evening of October 30, 1938]


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