Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Best Lefty Blogger in Town

I was introduced to Jason from rphaedrus at the huge Keegan's trivia challenge between the Fraters Libertas and Hugh Hewitt's all-star team. The place was packed. Mitch Berg introduced me to Jason, and we ended up talking most of the night, perhaps largely because the overflowing crowd had us pinned against the bar next to one another. A really good guy to share a drink (or several) and a conversation with, incidentally.

Mitch also introduced him as the "best lefty blogger in town." Which, coming from a righty like Mitch delivered to a righty like me, may mean nothing to real leftists. So you folks can tune me out, go read Jason's blog, and make up your own mind.

For the rest of you, I have to say Mitch is right. Not that there aren't other good lefty blogs in town. There are actually several (hi Flash), though being a righty I don't spend much time at most of them. I can still agree with Mitch that there's talent over there.

But take a look at what Jason is doing at rphaedrus before the election. Pay special attention to HOW he is doing it.

He's going through the key races in his district, and weighing the two candidates in a way that seems (sorry for the marketing baggage) fair and balanced. He tells you who he's voting for and why, but doesn't make his preference ruin his analysis.

I have disagreed with both of his endorsements thus far, but have appreciated the information he has brought to my attention in each case. We have different opinions on what matters most, but I respect his commitment to the truth.

This is really good blogging. I aspire to that kind of good, but I haven't hit it yet. Heck it might not even be in me. I have a weakness that makes me want to go for the partisan zinger. Jason doesn't, and that makes him worth reading on both sides of the partisan aisle.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

I like reading Wil Wheaton's blog. He does a pretty good job of not blogging about politics, but you can tell by his links, etc. that he is a lefty. Heck, he's an actor, how could he be conservative? But, it is a good read if you get time on your hands.

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