Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Zell Night

I watched the third night of the convention tonight. And was somewhat surprised to discover this one had national coverage. Am I the only one who didn't know this? I mean, it makes sense in retrospect. The night the Vice President accepts the nomination ought to outweigh the night of the Bush family members news-wise. But I really thought the media had decided to cover only two nights of the convention.

Oh well. All the more disappointment that most of the nation missed Rudy Giuliani on night one. If you're going to cover three nights of the convention, why not all four? And if you're going to pair it back, why three nights and not two? And why not the opening night, which is the one everyone waits for, and where the tone of the convention is announced.

But in any case, the fact that this night was on the MSM in prime time caught my attention for one reason in particular: Zell Miller. And I don't think I'm alone in wondering if at some point Kerry ran over Zell's dog in that SUV he doesn't own. Wow. I think it's safe to assume the Millers won't be getting a Christmas card from the Kerrys this year.

Zell was as angry as Democrats think real Republicans are. The sort of anger usually only displayed among the convention protestors, or the guests of failed Democratic presidents. But unlike those others, Zell thinks George W. Bush is swell, but does not like John Kerry.

To me the biggest line was the one about American troops not being recognized as liberators by the Democrats, and how he despises those who call the occupiers. Still think inviting Moonbat-in-Chief Michael Moore into the presidential box at your convention was a great idea Dems? You're stuck with him now in any case. Can't say you weren't warned.

The other likely highlight was the line about Zell's family being more important to him than his party. That's the explicit invite to the undecideds. And it was delivered with passion.

Really to me tonight was the true test of the convention. This was red meat night. This is as strong as they're going to attack Kerry from here through election day. If it works, Kerry is toast. If not, it's another 50/50 election.

But truly, I believe Zell got through in a way no Republican could have. Doesn't matter if he's no closer to the Democratic core than Jim Jeffords was to the Republicans. Just that "D" behind his name will resonate with those "undecided" voters. And it's not like he made arguments that were hard to follow.

Zell basically said John Kerry is a wuss. And he gave not inconsiderable evidence to that effect. And no matter what happens from now on, some of that will stick.

By the way, Dick Cheney spoke tonight also (and his gravitas-laden wife introduced him). He hit the talking points. That was about all.

Cheney is who he is. I like him. I think he's intelligent, competent, and principled. But as a public speaker YAWN. And that's fine. I think it actually helps the ticket in a weird way. Those who hate the "slick politico" image, have nothing to hate about Cheney.

Incidentally, as a debator or interviewee he's much better. Any forum where he can pummel you with facts and comptetence without seeming like he's lecturing you a la Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a forum he owns.

I'm sure naive Democrats are salivating over the prospect of slick trial lawyer JohnEdwards pummelling grandpa Cheney in their debate. Get used to disappointment kids. The electorate ain't a handpicked jury, and a debate isn't a courthouse. Cheney will hold his own, and stands a fair chance of pulling a "you are no Jack Kennedy" moment on Boy Edwards. Not that this is any more than a sideshow, because, as we should recall, the "loser" of the debate referenced above was on the eventual winning ticket.

Gosh there is a lot more to cover tonight. But one guy can only say so much. Theme for the night: Zell Miller is the test. If he worked, Kerry is done.


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