Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Why is Rather Doing This?

Roger L. Simon makes the excellent observation:

Earlier today, I thought this story was about over. Whether Rather admitted guilt was immaterial. His reputation had already been demolished beyond recognition. But there may be more... and if there is, look out... Watergate may have been outgated. [emphasis mine. - ed.]

Hardcore leftists will scoff. But think about it for a moment. What might this case be shaping into - speculating on the worst case scenario?

It might be that Dan Rather knowingly took these forged documents from the Kerry campaign, and attempted to use the CBS news organization to promote the Kerry campaign's attack on Bush's character. That would impugn the Democrat candidate, Democrat Party, and a huge player in the mainstream media in one blow. Watergate is puny in comparison.

And at this point this is actually a more likely scenario than any in which those documents are genuine.

Also, as Roger suggests, the longer CBS defies all reason in defending this stuff, the more the extreme reaches of speculation seem plausible. We're certainly already past the point of "honest mistake." How far is it from there to "intentional politically motivated fraud"?

Just asking.


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