Wednesday, September 08, 2004

When "Objective" Media Attacks

Well, here it comes.

As I mentioned yesterday (not that anyone got to see it (Marge/Bear)), the Democratic leadership has discovered a cunning new strategy sure to defeat Bush in the polls: go negative.

John McIntyre from ReaClearPolitics is all over the story noting:

BIG MEDIA COUNTERATTACKS: Old Media and the Left, enraged by President Bush's surge in the polls and what they view as an illegitimate examination of Kerry's record, has decided that today is the day they will counterattack hard in an attempt to reopen the Bush National Guard story as an issue in the campaign.

The Boston Globe unloads an above the fold, front-page story: "Bush Fell Short on Duty at Guard: Records Show Pledges Unmet." The Globe's parent corporation, The New York Times Company, gets into the action with Nicholas Kristof 's "Missing in Action." Then of course there is the headliner with CBS's Dan Rather interviewing former Democratic Texas House Speaker and Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes on 60 Minutes II later tonight.

Whatever happened to the days when the media tried to pretend they were objective. I mean, this sort of thing almost begs the question why the mainstream media don't have to register as 527 organizations.

Plus, it's still going to fail. As McIntyre notes:

But they are missing two key points to why this re-attack on President Bush's National Guard service will not have nearly the effectiveness of the swift boat attacks on Senator Kerry. First, and this is not a small point, George Bush has not made his stint in the National Guard one of the primary reasons to vote for him as President. Bush is more than happy to run on his 6-year record as Governor of the second largest state in country and his four years as President of the United States. It is Senator Kerry who decided to make his four-month service in Vietnam the prime qualification to lead this nation in war as opposed to his twenty-year public record in the United States Senate.

Second, and it is this point that infuriates the elites in the media, there happens to be quite a lot of substance in the swift-boat attacks. The Kerry campaign and their friends in the press like to pretend that this is all just a pack of lies conjured up by the right-wing slime machine, but the facts seem to suggest a different story. The reason the swift-boat controversy continues to resonate is there is significant evidence supporting the charges.

Well, not to worry. Because this is a two-pronged attack.

The tag-team follow up to the National Guard foray is the unrolling of the Kitty Kelly personal attack on the Bush family that is scheduled for next week when Kelly is lined up to appear on The Today Show for three consecutive days.

That's right. The Today show, which has yet to find the time to schedule John O'Neill for five minutes, is going to devote three days to the self-described "Queen of Sleaze," pretty much exclusively because they think the former would damage John Kerry, while the latter will damage President Bush.

Can't say this is unexpected. But did anyone really believe the media would be so crass and artless in their execution?


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