Monday, September 13, 2004

Tiny Blogger's Lament

How is an upstart blog ever to get a leg up on the biggies?

I checked out the latest hits to my site, and discovered someone came via a Yahoo search on the word "Swiftboat." How did I rank so high on that word, I wondered. Surely bigger and better known sites had used the word a ton, bumping me waaaaay down on the return list. Out of curiosity, I clicked the link.

Ah-ha! It wasn't the word "Swiftboat," after all. It was a misspelling: "Switboat,"missing the "f." And currently I rank number 6 on the return list for that word, thank you very much, for my use of it in this post (and in the title no less - eek!).

And who did I find ranking ahead of me at number 5? The Captain himself - like that guy doesn't have enough exposure when the word is spelled correctly. And to really rub it in, the Captain didn't misspell the word. It was misspelled by someone else in his comments section (you have to scroll way down to find it).

My only consolation(?!) is that putting the misspelled word in this post might have improved my ranking. I deserve at least a top-5 for embarrassing myself in the title, don't you think?


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