Thursday, September 02, 2004

Republican Convention Wrap Up

Well, I would like to offer some kind of salient and unique insight into the moment I thought would be the most important of the convention. I would like to but I cannot. Seems my 2 year old and 4 year old thought tonight was a terrific night to play the "I won't stay in bed" game.

If Scott "Pinkmonkeybird" Brooks is wondering why I didn't show up at his party, there's your reason. These kids are, more often than not, in bed and asleep by 8:30pm - 9pm. Tonight it was more like 9:45pm - 10pm. Seems the excitement of the grandparents ariving tomorrow carries more weight than Daddy wanting them to SLEEP!!!!

Anyway, I actually saw the vast majority of the president's speech. But was only able to pay attention to about half of it. And it didn't seem to be the kind of speech where you could tune out any old place and not miss anything.

From what I gather, he gave a broad vision of expanding social programs in the "compassionate conservative" mode, then hit Kerry for being a flip flopper, and then dived into the War on Terror. I could have done without the first one, but I'm not the kind of voter that was intended for.

In any case, this is not a personal high point for being able to offer great insight. Anything I might criticize him for skipping, he very well might have covered when I wasn't paying attention.


Well I'm fairly confident he didn't blow it. And I have a general impression he didn't bury it either. He seemed to have been in the "at least as good as he needed" zone. Anything more, I'll have to learn in the post-speech coverage.

The convention overall seems to have been a great success. It's driving the MSM crazy. They SO want to spin Zell Miller the way they did Pat Buchanan in '92, and color the whole convention that way. Man will they be pissed when they discover they don't hold that much power anymore. Should be fun.

I'm also starting to gather a surprising vision of the Republican Party in '08. We're not nearly as bad off as I had assumed. But we're quite radically changed in ways I hadn't realized. Look for future blog posts on the topic.

For tonight, let's just sign off with: Vote for Bush!


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