Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Perfect Storm

Ok, we need to lay off lovin' the Powerline guys so much lately (don't click that link!!).

Instapundit takes the day off and sends people to their site as a substitute, causing an Instalanche.

Next Roger L. Simon, no small fry in the blogosphere himself, plugs them at roughly the same time. A Roger-slide ensues.

And finally Drudge links them in the banner of his site, causing a Drudge-phoon, and knocking Powerline offline (which kind of works, considering the natural disaster analogy).

And none of that even counts the flotsam and jetsom links little blogs like mine have been throwing at them all day.

Anyway... while they clean up the debris over there, it looks like INDC Journal has some more on the 60 Minutes forged document scandal: UPDATED: At Least 90% Positive They're Fake


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