Friday, September 17, 2004

The Nothern Alliance Interview Series

I suppose a prelude of some sort is in order.

I had a wacky idea last weekend. I thought it would be really cool to read interviews about all the different folks who were part of the Northern Alliance of Blogs. Problem was, where would one find such interviews?

And then I realized - inspired by the Rathergate thing actually, with bloggers taking on traditional media roles - that I was perfectly capable of conducting interviews myself. I haven't done interviews for publishing since my Oral History class in grad-school long ago. But at least I know how to do it. Plus, as I recall, it's fun.

So I e-mailed Mitch Berg, blogger of Shot in the Dark, host of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, and a guy I actually have met in the past. I told him my idea, and asked if he'd be willing to go first. He was very accomodating.

And so... I'll be interviewing Mitch tomorrow afternoon after the NARN show. As I recall from the last time I did this, transcribing recorded interviews takes a while. So I wouldn't expect to see the interview posted until Sunday evening at the earliest.

And incidentally, no. None of the other Northern Alliance guys has agreed to anything yet. I'm sort of hoping the first interview will be decent enough to win them over. That plus free beer, anyway.

So wish me luck. And check in here sometime Sunday-eve-ish to see the Mitch Berg interview. Hopefully the first of a series.


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