Monday, September 13, 2004

NARN on the Prager Show?

Huh. I timed my lunch to try to catch the first hour of the Northern Alliance Radio guys subbing for Dennis Prager today. Instead, I heard.... Dennis Prager.

Well maybe they're only getting one hour of the show, instead of all three. Or maybe there was some technical snafu, so they're playing a "best of" hour while they get it sorted out.

AnywayI now have headphones, and I suppose listening to the radio while working is technically allowed. So we'll see if they come up at noon.

UPDATE: It's the second hour of the show - and the NARN guys are now hosting. Lileks is with them too. Diving right into Rathergate.

UPDATE 2: They had the last two hours of the show. Mitch Berg was (as usual if you're familiar with the Saturday NARN show) something of a master of ceremonies, but (again as usual) did a great job of getting all co-hosts and guests and callers plenty of time.

Topics covered (other than pajamas):

Hour 1: Rathergate. They really nailed this topic. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs was a guest for part of it. John Fund of the WSJ's Opinon Journal was on later. An information packed, yet conversational and funny hour. A-plus to the guys for this hour. Truly excellent radio.

Hour 2: I really wish they'd stuck with the previous hour's topic for another hour, but since that's not Prager's normal style, they probably decided to respect the format. This hour was divided into two sections. First, questions for Kerry. The hosts and callers hypothetically posed questions for the Democratic Party's hypothetical candidate. This segment got a bit looser. Still fun, but for obvious reasons didn't have the focus of the previous hour. The final half hour was devoted to the author of a new book about the new anti-Semitism rising among the left. It was an interesting hour, but of necessity a bit less high-spirited than the preceding hour and a half. Grade for hour 2 - a solid B.

Kudos to the Northern Alliance. A solid at-bat, pinch hitting for one of the best in the talk radio biz.

Update 3: Scott at Pinkmonkeybird live-blogged the first hour.


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