Sunday, September 19, 2004

Mitch Berg Interview Progress Report

I'm not finished transcribing my interview with Mitch yet.

The interview lasted about an hour, folks. I'm averaging about 1 hour of writing to transcribe each five minutes of the interview. You do the math.

Not asking for pity or anything. I very much enjoyed Mitch's company, and vastly preferred conducting the interview over a beer to setting up some sort of online chat session. I hope the interview will come across as worth the effort when transcribed. If not, don't blame Mitch. He was as helpful and accomodating as one could possibly wish for.

Very cool that the Rocket family came in toward the end of our interview. Great people. Truly. Mrs. Rocket and the Rocket daughter are positively charming.

Keegan's is a wonderful spot. But... as my recorded audio reminds... they could turn the music down a bit. Irish pubs are meant for conversation too. Though the live bagpipes at 6pm pleased Mitch (and me) somewhat (though I fear the Rocket family didn't care for them).


Blogger Army of Mom said...

I find transcribing to be so time consuming. I hate it. Whenever I go cover something, I may take my tape recorder just to clarify questions or my chicken scratch, but if I try to rely solely on the recorder, writing takes 1000 times longer for me than just using my notes.

You TRULY have my sympathy. Ick.

3:23 PM  

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