Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mitch Berg Hammers Nick Coleman - And How!


When I first spotted the Nick Coleman column a couple of days ago, the very first thought that occured to me was that the Fraters finally snapped him (and for the record, I still think they did).

The outcome of that, however, has lead to interesting discussion far and wide, with commentators from humble bloggers to fellow journalists smashing Coleman's sad diatribe to pieces.

But today Mitch Berg delivered a rebuttal I consider to be a blogger anthem, rising above mere response to Coleman's stereotypical rant.

It's angry, it's personal, but most importantly it's representative. It rebuts Coleman's assertion that "Bloggers don't know about anything that happened before they sat down to share their every thought with the moon," in the sense that the atomic bomb rebutted Hiroshima's resistance to surrender.

Others speculated that Nick Coleman should tremble about a rebuttal from Powerline. He should be so lucky. Mitch Berg takes Coleman apart far more intimately. And my God does he do it well.



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