Thursday, September 23, 2004

Keepin' It Real


Mmmm…. Burnt coffee. I’m currently taking a wee break at the office I’m currently consulting at. Good wireless network. Lousy coffee. You win some, you lose some.

Anyway, I think my inner child freaked out over my earlier post. I was suddenly seized by an urge to run out to Best Buy over lunch to try to find this…

Lileks likes games where he can kill things up close and personal. I prefer the carnage of grand battles, and the drive to build empires in meticulously detailed historic settings. Potayto, Potahto.

Well, no luck. The game was supposed to be out on the shelves today, but it wasn’t. Having gone through an uber-geek phase earlier in my life, I know all the tricks for tracking the game down today if I really cared to. But it wasn’t THAT big an urge. More a passing fancy.

Much like this….

… which I bought instead.

I thought about just walking past the display. But they’d dropped the price to one of those “just released” special levels. And it’s not like I was NEVER going to buy it. So why not take advantage of the good price… reasoned the whiny little child who went to see the first Star Wars move 8 times in the movie theatre, a number which equaled my age at the time.

So let’s use this to further elaborate my idea below, which, I realized after posting, came terribly close to channeling a crotchety, old “you-kids-get-out-of-my-yard” curmudgeon.

I don’t actually have a problem with goofy, silly, irresponsible leisure activities. As evidenced above, I actually engage in them. My beef is that this seems to be all there is in pop culture, combined with a sense of importance in it that is just ridiculous. Both that computer game, and the Star Wars DVD set are fine in themselves. But they’re just diversions. A little escape from reality. A balanced life ought to include higher pursuits. And in many if not most cases, this is certainly true. But the culture fights against it.

So anyway, feel free to join me in bemoaning the lack of any real adult pop scene, while still enjoying the things you like from the here and now. If you concentrate too much on the former, you’ll end up in a bathrobe on your front lawn yelling at the kids to “Turn down your music! Why.. in my day…” And if you concentrate too much on the latter? Well….

(courtesy Big Red Man Barn)

… that has its downside too.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

I plan to go to a Star Trek convention for my birthday in November and while my friend 2 of 5 gave me an early present to reserve my picture with Spock, I won't be dressing up as any characters. ;)

6:14 PM  

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