Monday, September 06, 2004

Jaune Flammé

Jaune Flammé<>

How I love this little tomato. The best thing to come from France since (hic)… um.. never mind. Let’s just say it’s the best thing to come from France for a long time.

It’s an heirloom variety only commercially available in the United States very recently. Bright orange on the outside, with the center of the inside a persimmon/rose color. The flavor is bright, acidic, and tart. Made into a sauce, it is not only gorgeous in color, but you’d swear it included citrus fruit.

Last night the wife told me if she had to pick only one tomato to grow, this would be it. Which is not to say it is the “perfect” tomato or anything. It tastes nothing like the classic red beefsteak. But that’s just the thing. Out of all the tomatoes available at your local supermarket, and even most farmer’s markets, you’ll not find a tomato that looks or tastes like this unless you grow it yourself. Which is sort of the whole point about why I grow heirlooms. <>

Plus… for the third year in a row, it has produced in abundance and with terrific flavor. That’s counting one year of way too much rain, one of drought, and the “take that, global warming!” cool season this year. That sort of reliability is a rare treat in the heirloom tomato world.


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