Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Good Polling News

<>Hat tip to Tim at The Baby Seal Club for today's upbeat polling news:Outbreak of Polls.

The lead in:

The Bushian upward trend appears to be continuing unabated. As the various scandals about CBS' forged documents, recent revelations about Kerry's activities in Vietnam, and the generally unlikable personality of John Kerry becomes more widely known, Kerry has been steadily moving downward, and Bush moving back up. Combine this all with the fact that undecideds on election day usually tend to stick with the incumbent, and we could be looking at a serious Bush landslide, something which I honestly would not have thought possible even a month ago.

I'm with him. One month ago, I was still pretty convinced this would be a squeaker, and could go either way. Now I see that as the best case scenario for Kerry. What a month!

Anyway, on to the guts:

Florida - The latest SurveyUSA poll has Bush up in this state by six points, 51%-45%. ...

New York - Now, I'm not making this up, but a Quinnipiac University poll (Sept. 15)has Kerry up now by only six, leading Bush by 47%-41%. ...

Wisconsin -... a Strategic Vision poll of Sept. 13 released today has Bush beating out Kerry 49%-43%.

Virginia - Good news in this state, Bush seems to be maintaining and slightly widening his lead here. Rasmussen (9-13) reports that Bush holds a 50%-45% lead over Kerry here ...

Nevada - The lead for Bush seems to be widening slightly here as well, with SurveyUSA reporting (Sept. 13) Bush ahead 51%-47%. ...

More analysis at the source. Overall things continue to trend Bush with only 48 days till the election.


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