Monday, September 06, 2004

Dr. Lyle

Dr. Lyle Posted by Hello

First year I have grown this one. And thankfully, it turns out to be a bit earlier than most of the other pink beefsteaks varieties I’m growing.

It has some of the classic heirloom trademarks: buttery smooth texture; sweet and tart flavor rolled into one; gorgeous pink color. Pink beefsteaks incidentally are definitely well regarded in the heirloom world. Brandywine, Polish. Marianna’s Peace, Caspian Pink, Tiffen Mennonite… the list goes on. Dr. Lyle is a bit rarer than some of those others, but still well reputed.

Because it’s new to me, I don’t have as much to say about this yet. But I’m darn glad I grew it, because it looks like it might be the only pink beefsteak to produce more than one or two ripe ones this year.


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