Friday, September 24, 2004

Cheese and Fall

God there are a lot of those amusing little quiz thingies out there lately. I’ve recently discovered which Sci-Fi character I am, where I live on the mythical island of Politopia, what English literary style I am, and whether or not I’m a metrosexual (Spock, northwest, Victorian, and not, if you were wondering).

Some of the quizzes are mildly insightful or amusing. Some seem almost random in picking your “type.”

I like the ones best where the thing you're assigned has some bearing on reality, whether you like it or not. I was thinking of making up my own quiz to capture that. Something like, “What sort of Blue Cheese are you?”

The possible answers would be:

A. Roquefort. You stink, but French people like you.
B. Stilton. You stink, and are frequently seen with a glass of Port.
C. Shropshire Blue. You stink, but have an interesting hue.
D. Maytag Blue. You stink, and remind people of an appliance repairman.

I think that would pretty much cover everybody. Might need to add a Gorgonzola or Cabrales in there to round it out.


Fall arrived this morning. No I don’t mean by the calendar. That happened two days ago. I mean the real thing.

Went home last night after a thunderstorm passed. The sun was peeking back out, making things nicely warm and humid again. Walked out the door this morning to a gray sky, no humidity to speak of, a temp in the mid-50’s, and a light breeze.

Fall is almost welcome this year, because summer pissed me off. August in particular. The coldest on record since glaciers covered the place, or thereabout. September has actually been warmer than August. But August built such a deep sense of mistrust, I was never able to really enjoy it. I kept thinking, “Sure, it’s 80 degrees today, but I’m making no summer-like plans. Tomorrow will probably be 55.” And this morning, that actually came true. Fine.

Were it not for my miserable tomato harvest, I would have no big gripe. Fall is generally my favorite season. I’m a light-jacket weather kind of guy. Love the fall colors as the leaves change. Heading out to the apple orchard. Lighting a fire in the fireplace. Getting the kids dressed for Halloween and showing them off to all the neighbors. Football.

I even like the nasty cold – but not quite winter-cold – weather the first few times it snaps through. A sort of seasonal wake-up call, reminding you that mother nature isn’t all Sesame-Street happy-go-lucky all the time. The weather that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald came in the fall. Sort of puts things in perspective for me in a strange way.

Anyway, I’ve got nothing more at the moment. It should be a fairly busy day at work, but also leaving no work to take home with me over the weekend. Not a bad deal, in my book.


Blogger Army of Mom said...

Woo hoo ... you've obviously visited my blog to know that you're Spock. *live long and prosper*

Did you do the one about what kind of gun you are, too? I'm a Glock 17, FYI.

I LOVE FALL!!! Except in Texas, all fall means is that we're not in danger of 100 degree days anymore. We've been in the upper 80s all this week. But, I love football, halloween, apple orchards, etc, too. I'm a sweatshirt or turtleneck kind of gal, myself.

And, the voter thing is offensive. I can't believe they don't require any more than that. Hell, I could come to Minnesota to visit the grandparents of Army of Dad and vote there and here both because we can early vote here. *shaking my head*

6:12 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

Of course I visited, Armyofmom. I don't blogroll any sites I don't visit regularly. And I was a .44 Magnum, now that you mention it.

8:44 PM  

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