Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Bogus Gold Officially Endorses President Bush

Bogus Gold Officially Endorses President Bush. Posted by Hello

Yeah, yeah. I know. Big surprise. I'm sure you're waiting with baited breath to hear my vice presidential endorsement next.

Blame the fervor induced by watching two nights of convention coverage. Blame the fact that I decided to launch my blog-roll revision in the midst of an election.

But anyway, I tend not to be much of a "joiner" type of person. Nevertheless I have now applied dear ol' Bogus Gold to be considered a "Blog for Bush."

What this means to me is that I endorse this guy. He's the one I'll be pulling the lever for (or punching out the little hole, or darkening the circle, or whatever the heck they decide to use as our voting system this year) in November. He's the one I'll be encouraging friend, relatives, and total strangers to vote for as well. In my opinion, he's the best guy for the job, and in this election the second best guy is his running mate rather than his opponent (D'oh! There goes the suspense about my VP endorsement announcement).

It does not mean I find him without fault, either as a president or a candidate (though I honestly think he's doing a pretty good job as both). Nor does it mean I will be now getting my marching orders from Karl Rove. And, sadly, it also does not mean that I will receive secret payoffs in small-unmarked bills siphoned from Halliburton war profits.

So anyway, bear with me while I play around with the sidebar trying to get the standard "Blogs for Bush" stuff in there. If I can figure that out, I'll be well on the way to figuring out my own blog roll formatting - which I am increasingly thinking will be the old fashioned HTML by hand way, because the "helpful" automated tools are driving me up a freakin' wall so far.


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