Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Blogroll Link-Surfing

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a tendency to get stuck in a rut when it comes to blog reading. I pick a few sites I visit regularly, and that becomes my little window to the entire blogosphere. If they don't link to someone unfamiliar to me in a post, I have little chance of ever finding them.

Well no more. I have decided to try a new hobby. I call it, "Blogroll Link-Surfing."

The idea is to start with a site I regularly visit, pick some site on their blogroll I've never visited before, and repeat the process around 10 times, hopefully hitting nothing but blogs I've never visited before each time.

Here's a sample:

I start with Mitch's Shot in the Dark blogroll. Mitch has been going down his list, plugging each site with the reason he has them on his blogroll. So that sounds like a decent starting point.

On the blogroll I spot several I know well. But here's one, Eject! Eject! Eject!, that I know nothing about. CLICK

A cool blurb to the left tells me:

You're a former liberal. Your worldview has been hit by heat-seeking
reality. You're on fire and out of control.

You have only a few decades in which to react! Think fast!

Cool, soothing logic tells you it's time to get out.

Eject! Eject! Eject!
There's more, but you can read it yourself at the site.

From what I gather the blogger is both an aviator and a political commentator. But his blog appears to be on some sort of hiatus. He promises to be back soon. Looks worth keeping an eye on (it also looks like a pretty popular blog, so maybe you already do keep an eye on it).

Not too darn many links though. And those that are there are mostly familiar. But here's a new one to me: Rachel Lucas. CLICK

Hmm... self description..
Age 32. Soon to be married. Has dogs named Sunny and
Digger. Hates Michael Moore passionately. Loves ABBA. Texas gun-toter
Sounds like good people.

Some witty stuff about her dogs. Including a dig at Kerry. Good writing, but as one of her posts says, she hasn't blogged much lately. I like the dogs though.

No blogroll though. WIPEOUT!!

Ok. New rule. In case of a wipeout, head back to the last blog and pick a different site.

Back to Eject! Eject! Eject!

There's a blog called Cold Fury listed I also know nothing about. CLICK!

This one looks pretty good. Good design. Lots of comments and links. Plus this little gem in the middle of one of the posts:
... The Dems are now truly the party of the old way, the party of tired, failed, and rejected ideas, the party that has nothing new to say and no new way in which to say it. They are being swamped by the remorseless tide of history, and the failure of their old-guard formula for success coupled with an obstinate refusal to reexamine the attitudes that have brought them to this sorry pass is literally drivingthem batty.
Heh. Right on!

This one deserves closer scrutiny later, but for now SURF'S UP!!!

it comes in pints? Catches my eye. CLICK

This one I also like (pretty good trip so far). Witty, linky, and up to date.

Also contained this ping-worthy bit, giving yet another reason to dump on the French.

Another one I'll be back to check on later. But for now, off to ride the blogroll, which in this case is very large.

I spot one called Freedom and Whisky. I like both of those things. CLICK

Hmm... seems I've ended up in Scotland. With a libertarian. Seems to be the small "l" type, so no need to panic yet.

The content seems very very Scotland-politics oriented, which is not a huge interest of mine. Though I enjoyed this post.

Anyway, there's a nice fat blogroll to choose from.

Gold and Silver sounds interesting. CLICK

Yeck. Seems the blog is devoted to finance trading. And gets updated with only a sentence or two about as often as I visit the dentist.

Tiny blogroll too. Hopefully they're not inspired to emulate this one.

Battlestar Galactica Blog save me! CLICK

Arggh. The first post I see is from July 18. What's more, the blog, infrequently updated as it is, actually does seem to be devoted to seeing the world through the prism of the old sci-fi television series "Battlestar Galactica." Sometimes geekdom goes so far it isn't even fair to tease about it anymore.

And the blogroll is tiny too. Just two blogs listed, and one of them is the one I just came from.

Surf is getting low, dude.

Will Calico Cat be my final wipeout? CLICK

Hmm... "A blog about business, economics, law, politics, current events, and political sex scandals."

And updated today to boot. This might turn out ok.

Covered the Republican convention and gave it high marks for good reasons too. Consider me pleasantly surprised. Does this fellow know what company he keeps in the blogosphere? Probably not. Few of us do.

But wait... looking to the left of the page there is a heading titled "My other blogs." Turns out this is the same guy who blogs Gold and Silver, and Battlestar Galactica Blog.

Dude, do you know what company you keep in your own head?!

Kind of creepy. But this seems to be his real blog, while the others are scarcely attended occasional diversions.

Hmm... one of his "favorite blogs" is the grade-inflating Professor Bainbridge, my wine nemisis who pretends not to know I exist. Can't surf to him.

Let's try... Curry Blog. CLICK

"Putting the spice back into investing." Eh.

The dull font matches my feelings about the blog. Very wonkish in the finance world, so if that's your bag you might care to check it out. I don't.

My last surf destination will be the next one. Please God, let it not be another dull financial oriented one...

Jay Solo's Verbosity it is. CLICK

Whoops. Seems this is a retired blog. Accidental Verbosity is the live one now. So a bonus CLICK.

Hmm... this one is really quite good. Grabbed me with the first post (published today - always a good sign) about outsourcing tech support jobs.

Huge blogroll. Which does me no good tonight, because I'm done surfing. Happy to have ended in this pleasant lagoon though.

Overall I recommend the experience. Got a little shaky there for a moment. But this is one of the cool ways to explore the blogosphere in my opinion. I'll be checking back on a few of the ones I hit above, and may have found some otherwise unknown sources of news, inspiration, and general amusement.

Give it a try. Let me know how it works for you.


Blogger pinkmonkeybird said...

Yes, Doug.
The variety of blogs is blogalicious. We awake each morning from our slumbers with the vivid promise that a new blog will be found. Have you visited www.monkeywatch.blogspot.com yet?
Arcane and simian. The word blog backwards is golb. Something to ponder.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have a few extra hours (yeah,right) head back to Bill Whittle's site and read his essays. He doesn't update his site very often, but when he does it's always a long, well-written post of the kind you don't generally see on a blog.
Also - Rachel Lucas is one of the main reasons I got into blogging. She used to be very prolific, then she totally quit, and now she's back in smaller, lighter doses - but always a good read. (and the dog pictures are good too)


8:42 PM  
Blogger Jay Solo said...

I do the same thing sometimes, though without recording impressions this way - very cool - or making a game of sorts out of it. That's how I found some of the blogs I have blogrolled.

9:50 PM  

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