Monday, September 06, 2004

Black from Tula

Black from Tula Posted by Hello

A perfectly ugly tomato to the inexperienced eye. Its coloring seems inspired by a nasty bruise. The slightest bit of moisture when it’s nearly ripe, and the skin cracks. The top part of the tomato never seems to ripen, remaining green even up to the point that the rest of the tomato begins to rot.

But the flavor of the “black” tomato varieties has caused an explosion in their popularity among heirloom growers, and this one is one of the most highly regarded varieties.

The flavor of this is very rich, sweet and deep. Some people add the words “smoky” and “salty.” I can get that at times, but generally haven’t with this one this year. Still, it hits parts of your palate store-bought tomatoes made you think you didn’t have.

The production from this one was both early and good for me this year. Among beefsteak tomatoes it was my earliest producer.

A niggling criticism is that I grew this to compare to a personal favorite called Black Krim, on advice from others that this is better. I’d rate Black Krim better, on the basis that it has a little more assertive “bite.” Seems to be a difference between those who prefer sweet versus acidic tomato flavor, and I lean toward the acidic side.


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