Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Well That Was Interesting

Weird night at the Fringe.

I had a performance at 7pm. So, like last night, I decided to take it as an excuse to catch the show prior to ours in the same theatre. It was a show called Please Come Up.

The only review about it was by a reviewer who apparently knew the writer, and both main actors. So not anything to trust. I was flying blind.

Warning sign number one: I was the only audience member. Seriously, no exagerration. I had an interesting little conversation with Julia - the volunteer who was running tech for the Pillsbury Theatre during the Fringe that night. Apparently, the cast debated about whether or not to do the show for a single audience member or not. They eventually decided to do it. As awkward for me as for them, believe me. If I thought I was going to be the only audience member, I would have made other plans.

Warning sign number two. I walked into the theatre to hear their pre-show music. It was heavy metal crapola with angst-ridden lyrics and a distinct immaturity.

So the play began. The actors were not without talent. They simply lacked discipline.

The play was an original, and it didn't know what it wanted to be. It seemed to have serious potential as a sort of seedy social commentary with compellingly quirky characters. But instead it veered off into some sort of pseudo-philosophical/allegorical God-knows-what. Ick.

Halfway into it someone else wandered in. After the show, he asked if I was the usher. I assured him I was not. I hope to God he didn't rush from something more important to be there.

Anyway, our own show went well tonight. A bit better attended than last night. The weirdest thing was how the audience reacted. Apparently (I was backstage) after the audience lights came up, no one left. They just sat there for a moment, many reading their program. That's either very good or very bad. Saturday (our last show) will tell.


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