Sunday, August 08, 2004

Things That Suck About Being in a Play

Forgive me. It's been 16 years, and I truly have forgotten some of this stuff. Need to vent.

1. Critics who aren't wrong, but clearly miss the point. i. e. The Star Trib review. Argh. So close and yet... eh. I need to let it go.

2. Lack of feedback. This is slightly worse than critics who don't get it. Over 100 folks have seen our show so far, and I still have little to no idea what they thought about it. And it's a real "thinky" kind of show. Frustrating!

3. Envy. Some shows are getting HUGE attention for non-artistic reasons. They hit the hot buttons of sex, nudity, or being (gasp) well-known. That's harder to take than I remember. Ugh.

4. Audience risk aversion. This is a weird one. In theatre crowds I'm WAY on the side of the audience versus the edgy theater company. But... in a festival which is sort of about pushing boundaries, the fact that most people are making only "safe " choices about what to see, peeves me a bit.

And incidentally, this experience is still a blast. I'm enjoying it immensely. The people. The experience. The other shows (saw one tonight I'll definitely write about soon).

Part of the inclination to complain is positive. It means I'm not scared my b*tching will drive it away. Good stuff. More soon.


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