Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Surprising Things of Little Importance

I think some of the most interesting things one can discover about oneself are those which are so unimportant that there has been no effort to self-improve, let alone self-edit. And in this vein I look at the photos I have downloaded as my computer wallpaper from Webshots .

Did you know I was a sucker for pictures of waterfalls? Me neither. But I am.

I knew I liked pictures of the great outdoors, and that I like to see the seasons. But I didn't know beaches were high on my list.

I already knew I had a pretty deep aversion to pictures of people. Not meaning charming images of people I know. I mean celebrities, and other pretty people. I don't need their pretty mugs staring at me. It's creepy. But who knew this was coupled with a love of pictures of pretty buildings and cityscapes?

Anyway, all I'm saying is that it's interesting and insightful to ones personal aesthetics. Every single day, Webshots offers me two brand new free pictures as wallpaper (four if I upgrade to the snooty membership). And looking back at what I have chosen to view tells me something I didn't know about myself.

I suppose for some people books are like that. But they're not to me. I've spent too much time and money on books I was supposed to read. And not just at the high end. In my pursuit of the aproval of high geekdom, even my crappy sci-fi collection is riddled with books that say nothing about my own likes.

But desktop wallpaper photos? Never occured to me to self-edit there. Perhaps in this post I have screwed that up. But then I'll discover some other weird trait later on to replace it. Like which extra sauce packets I choose to refrigerate after finishing my fast food meals.


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