Monday, August 30, 2004


Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

I can already hear the calls for Rudy in '08. The man owned the stage and the delegates tonight. John McCain was no more than a warm-up act.

Overall the first night of the convention was most striking for the fact that it dove into the War on Terror, and pretty much nothing else.

To be honest, left to the Democrats and the MSM, this stuff is ancient history. What a gaffe not to focus on healthcare, jobs, and the economy. Yeah, right. That's why he's Karl Rove and you're not, you lefties. Tonight the Republicans sent a shot across the bow of H. M. S. Kerry. This election is about the war. And you've flip-flopped all over this topic. Spin all you want. We're going to remind the voters about 9/11.

I really had no intention of watching this night of convention coverage. The major media decided not to cover it. But the McCain/Giuliani scorecard got me. One is famous for his feud with Bush, the other for his 9/11 bond with him.

I got the impression watching McCain that he had named a price for that speech. And he got his price. No idea what that might be. But politics is like that. I also got the impression that McCain is too old to successfully run in '08, no matter what he thinks today. Not his fault of course. But these things do matter.

Giuliani gave me the impression he was enthusiastic about the opportunity to endorse Bush as a launching pad to a further political career. I seriously think he's even more of a serious candidate for the '08 Republican nomination than he was previously. And if he gets a cabinet position in the next administration perhaps even moreso.

But anyway, it was an interesting, if not shocking convention night. More about the how than the what I suppose. I thought the evocation of 9/11 was powerful and convincing. Let's see how it looks after the MSM gets a chance to spin it in a "John Kerry ought to win" way.

Abrupt shift into other things...

Check out Pinkmonkeybird if you haven't yet. For two reasons.

The first is an amusing anecdote. In the midst of general chaos at the big trivia challenge last Thursday, I was introduced to Scott who's site it is. But the place was really really loud at that point. So when Mitch Berg introduced us the next two minutes were filled with me trying to shout and spell "Bogus Gold" to him, while he shouted and spelled "Pinkmonkeybird" to me. Needless to say, I got it wrong, and were it not for hearing him on the NARN radio broadcast on saturday I would still have no idea how to find his site.

The second is because he's a pretty good blogger. I have this pretty positive vibe about Minnesota bloggers in general these days. And Scott's riding the wave nicely, man.

A third and optional reason is because, once I discovered the actual name of his site, I realized it's from a David Bowie song (Moonage Daydream) from one of my favorite albums of all time: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Digression: This is considered the birth of "glam rock." But I discovered this album while in college in the late 1980's. There was no glam to it for me. No visuals at all. Just the music itself. And to this day I think it's one of the most compelling and interesting rock albums ever made.

Anyway, Scott is new to blogging much like me. But he's enthusiastic and seems to "get it" about what blogs are about. If that means anything to anyone other than me.

You may notice he's not yet in my blogroll. Yeah, yeah, I know. A couple of others are missing too.

See, I don't want to offer a blogroll a zillion sites long. Much like Mitch at Shot in the Dark, I would like to be able to explain WHY a particular site is linked in my blogroll for a reason both relevant and personal. I also like categories like Captain Ed has on Captain's Quarters. So I'm working on a new format for blog listing. Pinkmonkeybird will end up in some sort of "Minnesota blogger" section, for people who's blogs I read in the local scene. Think of it as an incipient "Jr. NARN" network. At least from my perspective. Well, folks who might show up for the next Keegan's event in any case.

Much more to discuss. But it's late, and I have to go learn stuff at an IBM conference tomorrow.

Let me leave you with this thought. Bush in '04. Giuliani in '08? If not who else? Discuss.


Blogger TFB said...

Bush in '04 and Rice/Giuliani in '08.
I love the idea of Condi and Hillary going head to head.
By the way, it is generous of you to plug other people's blogs but I want you to know, you deserve a nod yourself. Your writing is thoughtful and you have made quite a few good points.
Good luck with the blog!

9:28 AM  
Blogger pinkmonkeybird said...

Hi Doug.
Thank you for the very nice appraisal of my blog. Yeah, I couldn't hear your blog name, either. But I remembered that "Some guy named Doug" ran it. "Bogus Gold" that fool's gold for miners who are not fools? Don't answer that, please, Doug. At least not here. I'd rather hear it from you at the SF Beer Garden this Saturday. In the meantime I'll visit Bogus Gold and see what you're up to.

Yes, you have found me out; I'm a glamblogger for Bush.

RE; Blogrolls.
I dispensed with frugality in my blogroll a few weeks ago. Now I am a blog whore. Such is my fall from grace.
As a little tiny blog, I am more interested in connecting to blogs such as NA and the immediate locality. If some of my spittle reaches the higher-ups through that strategy, then I'll call it a lucky score (while they would prolly just call it spittle).
Good to know ya, Doug :-)

10:47 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Jo, thanks for the kind words. Happy to have you around. Incidentally, I just discovered your blog today. It was in a slim window of time while at work, and not enough time to see much, but sure happy to meet another Minnesota blogger. Hope you can make it down to one of the blogger gatherings sometime.

Scott, what Saturday gathering at the SF Beergarden are you referring to? I've been to busy to keep my ear open for that stuff lately. Though it's a bit frightening to imagine what a "glam-blogger" might show up in, attire-wise. :-)

9:10 PM  

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