Sunday, August 08, 2004

Overture... Light the Lights

It's been a doozy of a week. But we now have our first two performances under our belts, and three more to go.

The show is going pretty well, by mutual consent of our production company. The Star-Trib reviewer made some nice comments about our group, but didn't seem to get the play. Others tell me a radio piece on MPR yesterday called us a "must see." We'll see what message wins soon.

It's certainly a very offbeat piece. Most Fringe shows seem to try to be cutting edge (or, in festival specific terms, "Fringey") the easy ways: nudity, violence, saucy language, "queer content." Others tend to draw large audiences on the basis of amusing titles and inaccurately interesting descriptions. Our show honestly does none of those things, and I suspect it's making it a more challenging draw.

The first night was very well attended. Last night (our only 10pm show) was pathetically attended. Hopefully the next 3 (all showing at 7pm) will draw some interest.

Our performance location is the Pillsbury House Theatre at 35th & Chicago in Minneapolis. Way out on the edge of Fringe Festival territory. An odd neighborhood. I think it's technically part of the moderately respectable Powderhorn neighborhood, but within spitting distance of the crime-ridden Phillips Neighborhood. Minneapolis is funny that way. You can cross from quaint Bobo-infested, "alternative culture" rich hot spots, to dangerous gang territory in a few blocks. And unlike many other cities, they don't aesthetically look all that different. The same lovely tree-lined streets. The same charming early 20th century houses. Perhaps a slightly higher concentration of boarded up store fronts and gang graffiti.

Also, being properly liberal Minneapolitons, no one ever mentions that we're performing in proximity to a bad neighborhood of course. We're performing in a place that is "interestingly diverse," as I believe one is supposed to phrase it.

Anyway, I now have a couple of days off from performing. I hope to get down and see some of the other shows. If I see anything worth mentioning (and I certainly hope to), I'll post about it here.


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