Monday, August 16, 2004

Exit the Artist, Enter the Working Schlub

For those just catching up, I have spent around the last month rediscovering my inner thesbian (stop the snickering and look it up). The experience was very rewarding, but surprisingly tiring. Running from work to theatre practice in a frantic attempt to take a play not quite finished when we started to full production in about a month's time is - you'll be surprised to hear - not as easy as it sounds. Add three young kids and a wife who would like a break from them - oh, somewhat more often than once a month - and you get pretty crazy.

And then it's over.

Our last performance was Saturday night. We had a nice little party at the home of two of the other actors in celebration. Wine, good food, cigars, kind words. And then home. And then?

Well apparently then my whole body and mind crashes, because Sunday - a lovely day full of sunlight, soft breezes, and no great task to get done - became a day of exhaustion, which only grew more intense as the day wore on. Not just for me either. Everyone in the house - from the 4 month old, to the grand-old daddy - were unusually tired and cranky. I had this feeling of utter physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. By the end of the day it was hard to form the words to say "go away," and I was reduced to feeble hand waving gestures, like a man shooing a fly.

No carry-over effect apparently. We were all up at our normal time this morning, and all seemed to be in decent moods by the time I rushed out of the door to the office.

I was even able to accomplish some work I had worried about completing this morning in no time at all.

In any event, I intend to write some after-action reports and thoughts on my theatre experience, and all the lefty kookiness I encountered (as well as the really good stuff I encountered). But that's not for this morning. This morning I go back to making work my numero uno focus for a bit. Things around the office calmed down nicely during my theatre binge. But with unusually good timing, they've decided to pick up again in synchronicity with the end of the theatre festival.


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