Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Pat Tillman - Moonbat Chow

Ran across this little tidbit in the Chicago Sun-Times today:

ESPYs' tribute to Tillman will be time to tune out

Some columnist named Carol Slezak seems to be disgusted that ESPN is having a special tribute to Pat Tillman - the football player for the Arizona Cardinals, who walked away from a multi-million dollar contract to join the U. S. Army Rangers in the wake of 9/11, and was later killed in action in Afghanistan.

Apparently actor Tom Cruise will be presenting the tribute.

Carol's complaint?

Words I expect Cruise to use during the Tillman tribute: hero, courage, warrior.

Sentiments I don't expect Cruise to express during the Tillman tribute: unjust war, his poor widow, what was he thinking?

Remind me not to watch.

Carol is offering a pretty good example of the "Moonbat Left" mindset. Moonbats, incidentally, are not ordinary run-of-the-mill lefties. These are the crazed fringe, who have only recently been allowed such prominence in the mainstream.

What makes this little anti-Tillman snit so characteristic of the Moonbats to me is not the language, or even the target, but the entire worldview.

Short reminder: On September 11, 2001, the U. S. was attacked by a terrorist group called Al Qaeda. They killed over 3,000 Americans on U. S. soil. They claimed credit for those attacks, and promised more of the same. Al Qaeda was based in the nation of Afghanistan, where they were offered safe haven by the Taliban regime - an oppresive Islamic sect who were noted for extreme religious intolerance and oppression of women.

Pat Tillman was a wealthy athelete. Part of a sports culture that is typically characterized as spoiled and selfish. He was a star. He was rich. No one expected him to walk away from that to serve his country in a war. He did it anyway. Unlike Elvis Presley, he did not ask for star treatment in the Army. He asked for a chance to serve in the elite Army Rangers. He made it, and served like any other Ranger. He died in an ambush while his unit was searching the Afghan border near Pakistan for Al Qaeda operatives.

The above two paragraphs are not really in dispute between the right and left. They are simply the facts of the situation.

The vast majority of Americans, left and right, would consider Pat Tillman a hero. He made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his nation. Whether Saddam had WMD's and whether you supported the Iraq war is irrelevant. Pat Tillman died in Afghanistan chasing Al Qaeda, not Baghdad chasing Ba'athists.

Enter the Moonbat. For this very words "hero," "sacrifice," "honor," cannot be uttered without a sneer. Much like Carol Slezak's quote above. She mentions Tillman's positives as "hero, courage, warrior." Sincerely? Hardly. It's a setup for her stronger feelings. And those feelings are ... frankly nuts.

Afghanistan was an unjust war to her, despite the fact that they were sheltering the terrorist group that had declared war on us, successfully attacked us, and promised to do so again. Remember, this was the war that 90% of Americans backed, and all our allies supported. It was unjust to Carol because.... she doesn't say. But she's a Moonbat, so I would imagine it has something to do with the evil Bush/Cheney/Halliburton conspiracy.

Most of America saw Pat Tillman walking away from fame (star athlete in America's most popular professional sport), and fortune (millions of dollars per year, and a multi-year contract) as a sacrifice. To a Moonbat it was selfish, because of, "his poor widow." But Moonbat concern for war widows is always generalized and abstract. You won't find any attempt by Carol to get a quote from Mrs. Tillman regarding her opinion on the matter. I somehow doubt she's all that receptive the the notion that Mr. Tillman died a shiftless, irresponsible husband rather than a hero.

And then there is the whole, "what was he thinking?" line. To a Moonbat, this is the ultimate summary. It reflect's the fact that the Moonbat literally cannot fathom at all why someone would have done what Pat Tillman did. And since they assume no one else can either, they think it's a real zinger.

They don't recognize that the vast majority of Americans find this view of hers morally repugnant. When Carol's e-mail overflows with condemnations of her contemptible sentiment, she'll feel vindicated. Every dissenting opinion will only confirm to her that those "right wingers" are the REAL fantatics and hate-mongers. She might even pick and choose some of the most flame-infused examples in a future column to show what monsters oppose her views. She is utterly blind to the fact of her own bigotry, insensitvity, and general daffiness.

And that is the Moonbat view in a nutshell. Noble speakers of the truths they believe others are too frightened to mention. Truths like contempt for our troops, ridicule of patriotism, and siding with our enemies in times of war. Only folks like that see Pat Tillman as fair game for their public vitriol.


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