Monday, July 05, 2004

Dirty TV chefs imperil Britain

Here's a funny little article:

Telegraph | News | Food hygiene survey dishes the dirt on British TV chefs

Seems the food Nazis are displeased that British chefs are still refusing to don haz-mat suits before preparing dinner.

As someone who enjoys cooking (and cooking shows), I'm on the side of the chefs. Life is a calculated risk.

I liked these items from the end of the article best:

Ms Lawson said: "You cannot turn a home into a sterile environment. My childhood was spent eating food that had my mother's hair in it, and my children do the same. I have a hardy immune system. Perhaps that is thanks to the germs.

Then there was this:

Antony Worrall Thompson, who presented BBC2's Food and Drink show for nine years, said: "If I am at home and I drop a 6lb steak on the floor, then of course I'll pick it up and dust it off. Who wouldn't? This paranoia about hygiene is the downfall of modern society. We are too hygienic, if anything, and it is destroying our immune systems."

Ok. A little overstated on the immune system stuff. But the part about being paranoid about hygiene is spot on. There's dangerously dirty; common-sense clean; and paranoid sterile. Food tastes best in the middle zone.


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