Monday, July 12, 2004

Blogging Week One

So. Here I am. A week of blogging under my belt. Technically a week and a day (or a week and two days if setting up the blog counts as blogging). Apparently I was too morose last night to recognize the momentous anniversary.

Via Mitch at Shot in the Dark, I even got my first link today. Which, to the best of my knowledge, means I actually had people reading some of this stuff. Two were kind enough to leave comments (Hiya Noneya and Maddad). No idea how many others perused here. But thanks all the same if you're out there.

My impressions? Kind of fun. Not sure I'm coherent enough yet to deserve regular visitors. But I hope I find a few like minded or otherwise interested folks as I get the hang of this.

Oddly enough when I started this, I assumed most of my blogging would be about politics. It's not turning out that way, and I feel no great need to force it. There are a lot of great political blogs out there, and I generally find that once I've run through my usual reading list, I don't feel the need to add much to it. Well done folks. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting. Now let me pop a cork and write about something a bit lighter.

One topic I'm surprised I haven't hit yet is parenting. True confession here - I'm afraid I'll come off like a barely competent dork-dad compared to super-dad James Lileks. But his writing about the Gnat has always been one of my favorite parts of the Bleat, especially since my oldest child is only a few months older. So I'll likely brave the dorkdom and write a bit about that soon.

Anyway, for anyone out there, thanks for visiting. The place needs a bit of work, but hopefully it's heading in an inviting direction. More adventure to come.


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